Crafter Blue introduces the latest edition 18mm diver’s clasp for watch lovers

If you are a diving watch lover, you must have a good idea that a diving watch is a super customizable gadget that you can play around with by coupling it with different accessories.

Now, it is your personal choice to decide which accessories you want to shuffle around to make your watch look more aesthetic. But, in this blog, we are only going to be talking about one accessory in particular and that is a diver’s clasp.

What is a diver’s clasp?

A diver’s clasp is simply a buckle for your watch that is used to bound the straps together and make the watch sit comfortably on your wrist while ensuring the safety of your watch making sure that the watch never gets lost during your endeavors under water.

If you are a diver looking for an 18mm diver’s clasp, then this may be the best one that you can get your hands on and this is why:

  • Made specifically for divers:

This new iconic clasp from Crafter Blue is made specifically for diving purposes by keeping in mind the idea during design that diving watches get more exposure to water than normal watches which is why they need to be made of a better material to avoid corrosion.

  • Made with 316L stainless steel

The material used for manufacturing this iconic clasp is 316L stainless steel which is the absolute best steel class that one can use for watch products.

The “L” in “316L” stands for low carbon which ultimately means that the quality of steel is higher than normal as it has less carbon percentage.

Equipping your watch with this high-quality stainless-steel clasp instantly enhances the overall quality and reliability of your watch.

  • Premium Finishing

Not only is the material used for the class high-quality, but its fishing is also top-notch. Made with stainless steel, the finishing of the clasp is super-smooth and shiny giving your watch the premium touch that you so heartfully desire.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing look

Just like all the different products that Crafter Blue makes, the aesthetics have been given special attention to in the design of the clasp as set flawlessly into the watch design and enhance the overall look of the watch to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Size and features

The clasp has double locks and is made for strap or bracelet size of 18mm with 6 adjustment holes. The most suitable strap thickness for the clasp is 4-5mm with its approximate overall weight being 30g.

Overall, the clasp can fit with any 18mm buckle mesh, metal bracelet, or rubber strap having an approximate thickness of 4-5mm.

To get the best deal of this super clasp, you can go on ahead and pre-book it as an early bird to make sure that you are one of the very few people amongst your friends that has equipped their watch with the latest clasp before it even is accessible to the common market.

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