Crafter Blue’s Latest Travel Size Spring Bar tool, Now Free for Every New Order

Every watch lover knows that the straps are one of the most customizable accessories of a luxury watch.

Although the reasons for the shuffling of changing of straps can vary, there is one thing in common that must be done be done before trying to change a watch strap, and that is getting a spring bar tool to make the strap-change process as smooth as possible.

Crafter Blue is a brand that occasionally comes up with interesting offers and discounts for its luxury watch and accessories customers. This time,  Crafter Blue has introduced the latest new tool in the product line, the Haus Traveler Spring Bar Tool.

Following are some of the most prominent features of this spring bar tool:

Travel approved, Weight Diminished

The weight of this latest spring bar tool is a mere 10g. This makes it an ideal accessory to have in your bag in your travels and tours. As the tool is made by Crafter Blue, a brand that specifically focuses on the production of luxury watches and their accessories for ocean lovers and sea divers, the portability of the spring has been of keen interest in the design phase, making it an ideal tool to be carried around.

Compact Sized, Smooth Finishing

The size of the spring bar has been kept super compact by the manufacturers with the overall size being just 100mm with a diameter of a mere 4.7mm. The for of the tool is only 1.2mm and the pushpin is even compact with it being just 0.8mm. The compact size is complemented by a rounded brush finish adding to the already aesthetic design of the toolbar.

High-Quality Material, Cohesive Grip

The quality of the spring bar is exquisitely enhanced as the material used for the fabrication is SUS 303 for the pushpin and carbon steel for the fork. The tool comes with a cohesive grip so that you can hold it firmly when you want to change your strap without losing the tool. This makes sure that the changing of the strap consumes the lowest time and makes the process as seamless as possible.

Free for new orders at Crafter Blue

Just like it is their custom, as a gift for the Chinese New year, Crafter Blue has announced an amazing deal for the customers to get this tool completely free when their order any of the products from their store.

The price for this amazing spring bar tool is extremely affordable. One can easily get it for their regular strap change activities at only 10$. But if you are a Crafter Blue customer, you will not even need to buy it separately because as a gift of the Chinese New Year, Crafter Blue is going to give away the spring bar tool completely free for every new order.

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