Crafter Blue and the Ocean

Crafter Blue is a pioneer producer of dive watches and straps for stylish and fashion-aware free divers, sea photographers, oceanographers, and every other individual who loves luxury watches from anywhere around the world.

The mission of Crafter Blue is to create analog dive watches to support sea exploration and premium accessories for all luxury watch enthusiasts. Our watches and accessories are designed to help you live a life where the adventure never ends.


Crafter Blue’s contribution to supporting sea diving and oceanography

At Crafter Blue, we aim at supporting sea diving and oceanography through our marvelous products and by sponsoring various oceanography projects.

Here is a sneak peek at our blog where we announced our collaboration with a local diver group in Hawaii Islands. Supported by the cutting-edge technology-equipped diver watches, this group of free divers explores aquatic life all around the world and brings it before the royal audience of oceanography through Crafter Blue’s YouTube channel.

Click here to subscribe to the YouTube channel of Crafter Blue and brace yourselves for some stunning oceanography content coming your way from time to time.