Crafter Blue’s Hyperion Ocean: A diver watch lover’s best companion in deep waters

Gone are the days when wristwatches just served an ordinary purpose of time tracking. In the current times, the world is fast-paced and moving swiftly with the entrepreneurship mindsets behind big brands incorporating innovation and creativity into every single gadget that they can set their eyes on, making features-enriched multipurpose products and wristwatch industry hasn’t really been behind in the game.

Crafter Blue’s Hyperion Ocean is one such product that falls just under the cutting-edge watches of the modern era category. With it maintaining its vintage touch of the mechanical anatomy that’s loved by the classic wristwatch lovers all around the world, the Hyperion Ocean comes with a chronograph function that serves a unique consumer segment of the watch industry: the diving watch lovers.

The watch offers a stunning aesthetic look making it a great piece to go along with type classy men’s dresses but unlike other watches, this is not the only thing that it offers.

But the most interesting thing about Hyperion Ocean is that along with its rich design and classic look, it serves as a superb gadget for ocean explorers and water lovers because of its superb water resistance capabilities and the chronograph function.

Here are some interesting features of the Hyperion Ocean that make it the ideal companion for diver watch lovers in aquatic endeavors.

Water resistance to 600m / 2000ft

The masterpiece comes with a water resistance capability of up to 600m making it an ideal pick for contemporary ocean explorers who like to dive deep into the water world and explore the unique beauties that sit far below the surface level away from the gaze of common men. The chronograph function coupled with the exemplary water resistance capability of up to 600m offers a great deal of value to oceanographers who aspire to capture the aquatic life and bring it closer for the human eye to marvel upon.

Helium escape valve

A recurring problem that ordinary watches face is the intrusion of helium atoms found in deep waters inside the watch. As helium atoms are the smallest natural gas particles, they are able to thrust into the watch move past the seals which is a huge problem because when the pressure difference is created during decompression inside the water, the chances of the crystal glass being damaged increase significantly with the worst-case scenario being that the glass even pops out.

As the Hyperion Ocean is designed for diving deep into the water, any chances of the helium atoms damaging the watch are eliminated in the design phase itself by incorporating a helium escape valve that releases the helium particles if trapped underwater.


Magnetic effect in wristwatches is a commonly frowned upon problem amongst watch lovers pertaining to its contribution to the inaccuracies of the watch’s timing.

Crafter Blue is one of the visionary brands that put a special emphasis on precision and accuracy has made sure to design the Hyperion Ocean with a complete anti-magnetic eliminating any chances of timing inaccuracies that can come along if the magnetic effect becomes dominant in the watch.

Crafter Blue is offering a huge sale on the masterpiece right now but with it being a popular choice among dive watch lovers, chances are that the watch goes out of stalk very soon.

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