Top 10 Classic Watch Designs That Never Go Out of Style

Collecting watches has always been deemed to be a luxurious affair, but truth be told, having a set of watches you can use for different occasions and activities, is one of the best ways to incorporate your personality into everything you do while having the right tool at the same time.  

Watches complete our ensembles just like chocolate sprinkles on top of your favorite dessert. It is not only stylish but is also worth investing in. 

Most of us wear watches for daily use and some of us need them for recreational and athletic activities. Whatever the reason is, watches will never be out of fashion, and talking about something timeless, we have curated a list of classic watch designs that are incredibly iconic they won’t go out of vogue.

#1 - Rolex Submariner


When the first Rolex Submariner was released to the public, it effortlessly became the very definition of a diver’s watch. Big players in the watchmaking industry also followed suit and this model became the high bar. 

Why is it so popular? We all know Rolex too well. It has gained a legendary status for decades now in terms of quality and performance. Submariner is a timeless piece because of its minimalistic and versatile design. It can even handle even the harshest conditions and does not even look demanding at all.

#2 - Rolex Daytona

Another Rolex in the mix. Rolex Daytona is extremely irresistible and you’d immediately like its look and feel at first glimpse because of its appealing complications. The chronograph watch exudes versatility while displaying angst in every angle. Many collectors and enthusiasts find this watch to be among the finest timepieces in the world. 

#3 - Rolex GMT Master

The Rolex GMT Master II “Coke” has long captivated watch lovers and everyone in between because of its elegance, sophistication, and undeniably distinct aesthetics. It has left its mark since its debut in 1954 leaving everyone in awe of its style and the beautiful blend of black and red bezel. 

#4- Seiko SKX

Seiko is among the top players in the watchmaking industry and they never disappoint. One of the best releases of the giant watch brand is the Seiko SKX series. Is it still worth buying today? A big yes! For those looking for their first mechanical dive watch to collect or use, SKX is your ultimate choice. Exquisitely made with remarkable engineering, this series is a descendant of the legendary Seiko drivers from the 60s and 70s. 

#5 - Seiko MarineMaster 300m

Seiko Marinemaster is an impeccable and stylish watch that screams luxury and elegance. The iconic piece is a personal favorite of many professional divers for a variety of reasons. One is value for money, the heritage that comes along with it, and its classic design. 

#6 - Omega Speedmaster

Dripping with space-faring historical intrigue that makes this piece a true heritage watch, the Omega Speedmaster is an excellent choice as a first big watch purchase. It gets a nod of respect in the watch community for its blend of vintage and modern design that never goes out of style.

#7 - Omega Seamaster


This is yet another historical piece that has stood the test of time for its durability, performance, design, and quality. This classic watch was first introduced in 1948 as the brand's tribute to its maritime heritage. It can withstand the demands of deep sea diving and is considered by experts to be one of the most reliable divers watches in the world. The simplicity and versatility of its design make it a timeless piece. 

#8 - Grand Seiko “Snowflake”


Luxurious and sophisticated, the design of the Grand Seiko Snowflake is the most-hailed model in its Spring Drive collection. The dial’s captivating textured snow color exudes a nostalgic and light feeling that is extremely soothing.

#9 - Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso


The Reverso Classic of Jaeger-LeCoultre graces the world of horology and fashion with its classic design that includes its signature three-lined gadroons. Perfect for women of style, this flexible and sophisticated piece will surely remain a timeless piece no matter what year we are in. 

#10 - Tudor Pelagos

This titanium dive watch is a pure-looking timepiece that carries a boatload of charm. Inspired by the brand’s classic dive watches, Pelagos is at the crossroads between the worlds of urban flair and technical diving. Its form is satisfying slim on the wrist. The simple yet striking black dial and bezel display elegance in every aspect.