Seiko automatic GMT 6R54 movement

Seiko has been a renowned watchmaker for several decades now with an impressive history in the world of horology. Recently, the prominent watchmaker released the new and promising Seiko 6R54 movement with GMT function.

The Brief History of Seiko 6R Caliber Series

We’ve known Seiko for decades and they do not disappoint. From crafting the most iconic pieces that remain timeless and classic till today’s new era to developing recreational watches that have an amazing reach of up to a thousand meters underwater, Seiko leans on precision, reliability, durability, and exceptional quality.

Seiko’s long-trusted and widely regarded 6R series is among the most-loved movements in the watch community. Their proven track record and revolutionary engineering and craftsmanship are enough to explain their remarkable success.


It is also worth noting that the 6R series of Seiko is an upscale line for high-end watches. In 2006, the watchmaking giant released the 6R15 with a Spron 510 mainspring. They later introduced the 6R20 caliber with a sub-assembly on the 6R15 and the much-awaited Hi-Beat 28,800 A/h escapement.


6r15 movements (photo source: wellingtime)

In 2019, 6R35 instantly became popular in the watch community because of its robust and outstanding power reserve of up to 70 hours. To this date, this caliber remains to be a high-performing movement for many luxury watches. It is hand-assembled and in-house manufactured.


Now, the latest movement has finally arrived. Seiko released caliber 6R54 in their 6R family with a GMT function creating a loud buzz in the community.

What is GMT Function?

GMT function is basically a watch feature that allows the wearer to keep track of time zones in a simultaneous manner. 

Here is how it works. You may notice an additional hand usually in a different color that points to the 24-hour markings of a bezel. The hand represents the time of another time zone which we refer to as the GMT time zone.

For example, you are in California. Of course, you would set your watch based on your local time. If you wish to call a friend in the United Kingdom, you can immediately check their current time with the use of your watch’s GMT feature provided that you have already set the GMT hand in the UK time zone or another time zone as you wish depending on your needs. It is quicker than trying to calculate inside your head or running to a computer to do your research. You can just simply look at the GMT hand and instantly learn the current time in that place. 

The Advantages of Having a 3-Day Power Reserve

It is highly important that your watch can run continuously for three days without the need to wind or wear the watch. This is exactly what the new Seiko 6R54 movement can offer.

It remains stable, accurate, and consistent whatever it is that you need to do during your trip. It preserves the movement. With no frequent winding, your watch gears and delicate mechanical parts will no longer suffer from extra wear and tear. The longer your power reserve, the longer your watch’s lifespan will be. 

The smooth energy delivery of the new Seiko 6R54 movement allows the mainspring to release even power over time which affects accuracy.


Specifications of Seiko 6R54 Movement

Features: 4 hands (Time display (Hour, minute, and seconds hands), 24-hour hand), date display

Vibrations Per Hour: 21,600 v/hr or 6 v/sec

Loss/Gain Daily Rate: +25 to -15 seconds at a normal temperature range

Driving System: Automatic winding type with a manual winding mechanism

Duration: 72 hours of power reserve

Jewels: 24 

Seiko Prospex GMT SPB381, SPB383 and SPB385

Three models under the new series were also introduced. The SPB381 boasts a sporty and versatile design with a dual-time function feature cased in durable stainless steel perfect for everyday wear or for outdoor activities. It has a water bar of 660 feet or 200 meters. 

Meanwhile, SPB383 is quite similar to the aforementioned model and ideal for frequent travelers and globetrotters too with its GMT function. What makes it a standout is its distinct and stylish blue bezel and dial that blend perfectly well with its stainless steel bracelet. You can also change the bracelet using curved-end FKM rubber for extra comfort and versatility.


Love black dials and bezels? SPB385 got you covered. Similar to the other two models, this one is quite rugged and if that suits your personal style, this is a top choice.