Why You Should Add a Rubber Strap to Your Rolex

A Rolex watch usually does not need sprucing up because this luxury timepiece speaks for itself. But, for many aficionados, collectors, and buyers, adding little pizzazz to their prestigious watch can offer them flexibility, creativity, and elevated style.

If you have considered changing your beautiful and shiny stainless steel Rolex bracelet to a rubber one, you will know more about the benefits of adding one to your favorite watch in this blog. We will explore the many positive reasons for opting for a rubber strap.



Watch Straps

Rolex has always thrived in creating only world-class bracelets for their luxury watches. The signature mechanism we use to hold a watch to our wrist is among the most important considerations of the top luxury watch brand.

There are different types of watch straps for both men and women to choose from. We got rubber straps, leather straps, fabric straps, and metal or ceramic bracelets.

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Rubber straps are a top favorite among adventurous watch enthusiasts. These straps basically offer a sporty look and can withstand many outdoor elements such as sun, rain, oils, or acids. Sturdy and flexible, this band material can last for a long period of time. 

Leather straps on the other hand are also very comfortable, stylish, and offer a vintage appeal. From calfskin to exotics, it can be thick or thin. 

Fabric straps offer a variety of textures, types, and colors. Mostly, these bands are made of nylon or canvas fabric which also feature a rugged appeal.

More so, common knowledge for all watch lovers, metal and ceramic bracelets are the most elegant, yet the hardest to maintain. These bracelets are usually made of titanium, stainless steel, or high-tech ceramic.


Reasons to Use a Rubber Strap for Your Rolex

A rubber strap, made from Vulcanized Rubber, is a reliable watchband replacement, especially for luxury timepieces. Many Rolex owners have been shifting and altering their watchbands from the original bracelets to rubber straps.

Here are the top reasons why.

  1. Flexibility

Unlike other materials, the rubber strap is very convenient to wear even for everyday use. Fits securely and has wide adjustability. It is flexible and contours to the shape of your wrist. It doesn’t get sag and best of all, it is resilient. 


  1. Protection of Original Bracelet

When you turn to a high-quality rubber watchband, you get to preserve the value and the great condition of your original Rolex bracelet. Wearing the latter for the most part can be subject to wear and tear. It can be scratched and deformed. But, with rubber straps, you get to protect your most valuable timepiece from these unwanted damages.

If ever you think of selling your watches in the future, you can assure that your original bracelets are still in tip-top shape.

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  1. Style & Function

Perfect for fashion-oriented men and women, these rubber straps add more character to a luxury watch. You can change the band according to your style, mood, or occasion.

  1. Easy to Clean

As opposed to the original bracelet or stainless steel ones with complex designs, a rubber strap is far easier to clean. You basically neither need to be an expert nor hire one to do it.

  1. Perfect for Recreational Activities

For watch lovers with the same passion for sports and an active lifestyle, a rubber strap is an excellent and brilliant option. It is perfect for activities such as swimming because it repels water. 

 For the Rolex Submariner divers’ watch, this Curved End Rubber Strap is the ideal choice.

  1. Range of Colors

Many Rolex owners are a champion of style and creativity. Adding a colorful range of rubber straps to your collection that matches your personality, fashion sense, and mood is a great and intellectual pathway for you to better express yourself.

You can check out this popular Rubber Straps Collection that is available in Royal Blue, Green, Grey, and Black. 

The vast variety of rubber strap colors will allow you to complete your ensemble that matches any occasion.

  1. Highly Durable

Vulcanized rubber straps such as this Sea-Dweller 16600 & 16660 Curved End Rubber Strap is a smart option especially for those with an active lifestyle. It is proven to be sturdy, durable, and can last a lifetime because it is made from pure vulcanized FKM rubber. 

Rubber straps are very strong and they are resistant to many external elements. Plus, it repels UV rays and hypoallergenic. They do not develop odors over time. 

  1. Sporty Look

For adventurous people, rubber straps are less formal than leather bands and metal bracelets. You can conveniently and comfortably wear your watch as a fashion accessory for any casual event.