Why Seiko Caliber 8R48 Is the Most Advanced Chronograph Movement

There is no denying that Seiko is among the top contenders in the world of horology and the timepiece industry because of its endless journey toward augmenting and refining its watches, their feature, and most especially, their movements.

Leaning on the words “revolutionary” and “most advanced”, Seiko has proven again that they are always further steps ahead of the rest. 


Seiko 8R48 Movement

As a tribute to their first ever chronograph watch released in 1969, Seiko launched their latest and most advanced chronograph watch - Seiko Speedtimer - with caliber movement 8R48 to mark its 50th birthday.

The pioneer version was powered by a self-winding chronograph movement 6139. 

To pay proper homage to the automatic chronograph, the watchmaking leader released its 8R movement family. And 8R46 is the latest member of this family. 

Like the original caliber 6139, it has a vertical clutch, a column wheel, a three-pointed hammer, and a heart-shaped cam. These parts synchronize the flyback function of the watch’s hands.

Seiko 8R48 Movement has 34 jewels. It has a remarkable and highly impressive chronograph counter for up to 12 hours, beats at 28,800vph, and a power reserve good for up to 45 hours. 

This movement does not just provide great levels of accuracy and precision but is also durable. The top-notch details and engineering in this movement solve all the harshest and major problems usually encountered with watch timing. 

Seiko Speedtimer ranges from $3,000 to $3,200.


The History of Seiko Speedtimer

In the 1960s, Seiko took the center stage in the world of international sports timing as they presented a whole new generation of high-precision watches which were endorsed by several international sports federations. The company’s revolutionary stopwatches were used in many leading sports events.

Seiko’s heart-shaped cam mechanism was loved by many sports people and delivered a high level of precision that was thought to be unachievable by manual sports timing devices. 

In 1969, the leading watchmaker released Seiko Speedtimer with a 6139 movement. Seiko continues to improve the series and bring more glory to its ultimate function. Loved by many professionals, athletes, sports enthusiasts, and everyone in between, Seiko Speedtimer is truly a chronograph watch unlike any other.

From functionality to overall aesthetic design, Seiko Speedtimer is a worthy investment.


8R48 and NE86 Movement: What’s the Difference?

There is no difference at all. NE86 movement is exactly the same as caliber 8R48. Just like the Seiko 8R48 movement, caliber NE86 is the most interesting and most advanced chronograph movement and this is because of Seiko’s brilliant design. 


NE86 is only a model name change from 8R48 made by Seiko for third-party watchmakers. 

This new generation movement offers accuracy and precision. Using a new type of balanced wheel, NE86 ensures that the actuation of the start, stop, and return to zero functions is clean and precise. 


One of the most sought-after chronograph watches with an 8R48 movement is Hyperion Ocean Chronograph. Powered by Seiko NE86 movement, it is a worthy addition to your collection and are a great companion for your deep-sea activities. With only $1,100, you can already get a Seiko-quality watch.