The long-awaited Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph, now available at a discount


With the mobile phone being a major necessity, a wristwatch is probably the only accessory that defines their personality traits and their fashion sense, and their urge to stand out among others around them.

Today, consumers around the world demand state-of-the-art features in all of their products of use, and the wristwatch has not been an exception.

Although customers in this modern-day do not just want the primary features of time tracking and date checking in their luxury watches, their taste for vintage mechanical watches does not appear to decline no matter what.

This is why the technology pioneers Crafter Blue have decided to produce wristwatches that come in the classic designs that customers so love but are incorporated with frontline features of the modern-day to fulfill both the aesthetic and the technical requirements of their customers.

The technology enthusiastic brand Crafter Blue is widely known for its dedication to producing cutting-edge luxury watches for men. Their main focus is on the diver watches that they produce for ocean researchers, photographers, freedivers, yacht racers, or any other fashionable individual looking to dress their hand up with an aesthetic watch of superior design and quality.


The latest edition in the arsenal is their Hyperion Ocean Chronograph. The watch has a super aesthetic sleek design having a round dial fitted with an attractive transparent glass, a contrasting aperture, and an artistic design of the crown and pusher with the crown engraved with the elegant font designer’s tag.

Apart from the looks, the advanced features of the watch such as its ability to withstand water up to 200m under the water, its screw-in crown, and features like a unidirectional rotating bezel and a chronograph set it apart from any other ordinary watch and make it stand out as an and attractive, must-have product that any luxury watch enthusiast would love to have by their side.

Just after Crafter Blue announced that they are going to release this watch, it has caught serious attention from ocean photographers, sea researchers, videographers, and freedivers around the globe as a huge asset to their underwater endeavors.

For a limited time, Crafter Blue has offered a 15% discount at the product launch so that their loyal customers good get the best price for their product before they increase the price or remove the discount in the near future.

The opportunity to get the best deal on this masterpiece by Crafter Blue is very narrow as the discount that they have offered on the product is ending really soon.

Do not miss out on the chance of buying the watch at a discounted price, order your piece now to exploit the 10% available discount and enjoy your latest edition diver watch which you can flex about with your friends.