NEW Crafter Blue Curved-End FKM Rubber for Seiko SKX/Seiko 5 Sports

Truth be told, one of the most sought-after timepieces by collectors, enthusiasts, athletes, and everyone in between, is a Seiko watch. The ingenious watchmaker continues to release incredible pieces with leading-edge technology and engineering that are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. For divers, their top choice is Seiko SKX. This iconic series boasts technical specifications and benefits that cater to their deep-sea diving needs.

Along with these varying needs, the designs continue to adapt. Recently, the new Seiko 5 Sports is promoted as “Street Style” and this is great news for a lot of watch lovers. 

At Crafter Blue, we want you to be able to express yourself more - who you are and what you love - and be able to show off your true personality through your watch. 

We are more than excited to bring you the newest and the most innovative rubber strap on the market today that is made specifically for the new version of SKX and Seiko 5 Sports. We are the very first to create an innovative and revolutionary watch strap alternative for the famous Seiko SKX and 5 Sports series. 

Our curved-end strap is made of the finest FKM rubber and this accessory is not just like any other rubber strap out there. It is the ultimate choice for watch wearers for comfort, style, and durability.

FKM or Fluorocarbon is actually the name of a super reliable rubber material that can withstand extremely high temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius. The heat resistance is not the only prominent feature of the FKM material. It also has the ability to resist oxidation, acids, fuels, chemicals, and other elements. The astonishing durability of these materials makes them a perfect choice for people with a very active lifestyle.

Waterproof and extremely supple, this rubber strap is sure to become your personal favorite. Just like the SKX series, the FKM strap is also known for its staggering look that compliments every dress and ensemble.

The fact that the FKM rubber is frequently used in aeronautical and aerospace activities speaks volumes of the quality of the rubber. 

Aside from our material upgrade, this new FKM rubber strap also boasts several benefits. 

  • Fit

  • The new strap can fit both the old and the new version of SKX and the new Seiko 5 Sports. The lug of the strap is also redesigned with your utmost comfort in mind. It is comfortable to wear and extremely stylish too.

  • Colorway

  • To give you an avenue to better express yourself, we are giving you more color options. Our new curved-end FKM rubber strap for Seiko SKX and Seiko 5 Sports is now also available in normal colors such as black with your choice of brushed stainless steel tang, PVD, or Yellow Gold buckle. Camouflage style is among our most-loved choices in the arsenal.


    Our latest and improved rubber strap is supple and moves along with you without causing any discomfort. It also helps protect your luxury watch investment. A rubber strap is a popular choice among collectors who wish to alter their bracelets. 

    The new FKM rubber strap will be available soon. Stay tuned!!!