How To Wear A Rolex: The Official Style Guide

With a strong and high reputation for producing top-quality, luxurious timepieces, Rolex is undeniably an iconic trendsetter in the world of wrist fashion. Their simple yet elegant designs are timeless and irresistible to watch collectors, aficionados, enthusiasts, and everyone in between.

Along with the world-class distinctive qualities of Rolex watches in terms of high precision, accuracy, and reliability, they also vary dramatically in designs and appearance. 

Wearing a Rolex every day or for other occasions can be quite intimidating if you don’t know how to properly style it. Certain models may fit a certain outfit, while other models may not. 

In this blog, we are going to explore how you can better wear your iconic timepiece and make sure that you look and feel your best whenever and wherever.


Different types of Rolex watches

Before we jump onto styling your Rolex, distinguishing different types of Rolex watches is the very first step. Rolex offers a variety of elegant and timeless designs at a wide range of prices.

Their catalog is surprisingly diverse and they have models designed for specific uses and environments. Whether you are simply throwing a pair of jeans for a chill weekend with friends, dressing up for a formal black suit event, or going for a short getaway with the family, there is always a perfect Rolex watch model for every occasion.


Formal Rolex Watches

Rolex Cellini

(Source: hodinkee )

For those who find themselves wearing formal attires and suits, for the most part, the Rolex Cellini collection is a great option. This collection is their dedicated dress watch line and they are supposed to be worn on leather straps.

Cellini’s collection is an obvious choice for black-tie events. They can be easily slipped under the sleeve of a shirt and effortlessly worn with both tuxedos and suits.

Many Rolex watches are versatile enough to be styled and worn at any event or occasion, but if you are looking for a little adventure for your formal attire, you can get yourself the professional models. 

Some of them are the Submariner, Explorer/Explorer II, Daytona, Sea-Dweller, GMT-Master II, Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II, Milgauss, and the Air-King. 

Rolex Yacht Master

(Source: Gear Patrol

The best part of having one or two of these models is that they all can go well from a diving suit to a three-piece suit. 

If you wish to change the leather straps, you may get your curved end pure vulcanized FKM rubber strap for your Rolex Submariner with a brushed stainless steel tang buckle available in black, grey, green, and blue colors. You may match it with your suit’s color.

Rolex Submariner Crafer Blue RX01

Rolex is not just for men. Many women watch enthusiasts also pair Rolex Daytona with their formal attire. This solid gold sports watch can stand alone as a core piece of your jewelry for the event. 

 (Source: supermanwatch

Semi-Formal Rolex Watches

Wearing a semi-formal attire for a not-so-formal occasion is an excellent opportunity to showcase a rare and elevated Rolex timepiece. One that is not overly dressed, but also not too out of form.

There is fun in having the freedom to choose your desired model. One of the classic models for semi-formal occasions for men is Datejust. It is a go-to option that suits a wide range of attires.


Needless to say, the key goal here is to put together a nice overall that is entirely special, but not overtly buttoned-up. A little rugged but not too rugged, and a little serious but not too serious.

For women, the yellow gold Rolex President is an ideal option. It is timeless, elevated, and can easily be dressed either up or down. 


Casual Rolex Watches

When we say casual, we think of more freedom as opposed to formal and semi-formal occasions. It is true. You may find the widest range of model options for casual attires. However, it is not enough to wear just about anything. You still need to look for the models that are fit for your plans and activities.

Above all, comfort is the key when it comes to casual events. Opt for something that is lighter, more convenient to wear, and compact like its sports watches. From jeans to joggers and sweaters, GMT-Master II or Explorer are the top choices. You may wear the stainless steel bracelets with these models, but if you are not quite comfortable with that, use a high-quality rubber strap for your Rolex Explorer II.


How to Wear Your Rolex Watch


  • Make sure the strap fits perfectly and comfortably. Leather straps are straightforward and relatively easy to wear
  • Do not wear it on your actual wrist. It should be worn on the lower part of the forearm.
  • Wear it on your correct wrist. Don’t forget to put it on your non-dominant hand. 
  • Your watch should enhance your style and not steal the show.