Crafter Blue UX03 Strap - The world's Best FKM Universal Rubber Band

Unlike women, who have their jewelry choices vastly spread out in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and whatnot, a man’s choice of wearing a fashionable jewel is quite limited, with a wristwatch being his most decent choice of styling him up.

Wearing a luxury watch is the most stylish thing that a man can do, and it has become somewhat of a personality trait for fashionable men. A wristwatch for men is not just another accessory that they possess, it is a good friend that is always there for them in the toughest of times (literally), a companion of all their adventurous ventures and definition of their style and taste.

As it appears, the watch straps are on the most in-demand attachable for luxury watches. The possibility of customizing the look of watches for different occasions demands extreme innovation and creativity from the developer’s end.

Recently, Crafter Blue’s FKM bands (RX01) for Rolex watches achieved huge fame for their durability and endurance capabilities. But since the RX01 were specifically made for Rolex watches, the opportunity for the production of FKM bands for other brands was always there.

Being the creative tech that they are, this time the makers of rubber bands at Crafter Blue have introduced the universal FKM Rubber Band for all watches.

Here are some of the prominent features of these world's Best FKM Universal Rubber Band:

  1. Straight end: The straight end of the strap allows the band to be used on a variety of watches. These bands come in two different lug widths of 20mm and 22mm, allowing a diverse choice of watch strap to be used according to the watch in action.
  2. Curved strap: The curved strap fits flawlessly on the wrist providing a sense of comfort that a normal strap usually fails to provide.
  3. Quality Material: These bands are made up of pure vulcanized rubber that is anti-UV, anti-dust, and anti-allergic saving you from all types of troubles that normal straps usually come with.
  4. Buckle Choice: The standard strap comes with a Brushed 316L stainless steel tang buckle, but the customers have a choice to upgrade the buckle type to PVD Black, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold.
  5. Colour choice: These straps come in three different colors namely Black, Navy, and Orange allowing the users to choose their favorite color for their favorite watch.

These universal FKM rubber bands are currently available for at a huge discount of 20% at Crafter Blue.

The discount may not be available for long and may only be exclusive for Black Friday Sale.