Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean with Green Dial

As per surveys, some interviewers frequently notice a candidate’s watch to get an idea of what kind of a person he/she might be. How are watches relevant? Let’s see. They make you appear punctual, and most importantly reliable. Plus, they're simply a fashion statement. Who even uses watches to keep track of time when you have phones these days? However, Crafter Blue has come up with yet another stunning piece of art in the Hyperion Ocean diving watch series. This one comes in the very in-demand green color dial.


Ironically, in the past, divers used to wear watches to remind themselves of when they needed to get back up to surface level. With the invention of diving computers, the need for diving watches vanished but the demand still remains. Why? Because they look cool. You don’t necessarily need to limit diving watches to diving adventures. You can wear them in everyday use as well.

Thankfully, the water resistance capacity of diving watches makes them wonderful for everyday use. You may also skid through a rainy street without having to worry about your watch. Another striking feature of diving watches includes the conveniently readable time markings on the dial. Regardless of the conditions of your surroundings, whether there’s light or not, you can easily read the watch to check the time. They’re also saltwater resistant. Moving forward, let’s learn what the new Hyperion Ocean HOSS003.P has to offer.

It is Swiss-Made

The reason why everyone digs Swiss made watches is that they're the real deal in the world of watches. For starters, they're produced and manufactured manually by hand. The highest quality materials are used and since the Swiss are pioneers of watches, you can be sure of the standard of their mechanism. Consequently, they are made to last several lifetimes. They're also forwarded as family heirlooms from generation to generation. The same can be done with the Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean HOSS003.P.



To ensure accuracy of time, Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean HOSS003.P is manufactured to be anti-magnetic. So if your watch is exposed to some kind of magnetic field, you won’t have to worry about reading the wrong time off of it.


The Gorgeous Green Color

After blue dials, green is the new star of the show in the world of watches. Why: Because green goes with everything. Plus, it’s the color of money. The color is also associated with power and success. Hence, it only makes sense if you invest in a green dial watch because your purpose of purchasing aligns with the color quite smoothly.

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

The unidirectional rotating bezel is a distinctive element seen in diving timepieces that enables the diver to estimate dive time in a convenient and practical way. The bezel can only revolve counter-clockwise, ensuring the safety of the diver even if it is accidentally manipulated during diving adventures.


The HYPERION OCEAN HOSS003.P will be released on 16 May